JAGRITI: Advocacy by Public Figures for Fighting Sexual Harassment


by Sutapa Sanyal

The Issue

In various national and State surveys, nearly 90% of women have admitted to experiencing sexual harassment in public spaces in some form. It is a very pernicious problem, having far-reaching consequences and negatively impacting a woman in more ways than one.

The Program

The efforts of Mahila Samman Prakoshth are directed towards making public spaces safe for women so that they can move about freely and fearlessly and enjoy the freedom of movement in the true spirit of the Indian Constitution and basic human rights.

Celebrity actor and anchor of the program “Savdhan India” Sushant Singh kick-started the MSP campaign on 18th August 2015, aimed at bringing down sexual harassment in public spaces in U.P. This event was organized in collaboration with Breakthrough India.

The campaign started work on making Lucknow’s busiest bus stop at Charbagh, a sexual harassment free zone with the setting up of a Mahila Help Desk at the bus station, which is monitored regularly by the Prakoshth and any complaint is forwarded to the local thana concerned for further action.

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