Released the FICCI-EY report on State of Women Safety at the Workplace in India

by Sutapa Sanyal

I was happy to release the FICCI-EY report “Reflections on the State of Women Safety at the Workplace in India” and spoke with leaders from top Indian companies about the best way that they can improve “Women’s Safety in the Workplace” in Delhi on March 6. Lack of Gender equality is no longer just a social cause, but a lost economic opportunity for the world. How? Gender balance is critical in raising a country’s GDP, since roughly USD 28 trillion or 26 per cent could be added to the global GDP., if women were fully integrated into the work place. That’s the current loss of GDP we are experiencing due to lack of global gender parity. How do employers achieve gender equality then and reap the economic and social benefits of inclusive growth?

Here are a few ideas highlighted by the report:

* Creating formal HR policies that encourage dialogues about gender equality

* Adopting a zero-tolerance policy

* Improving the culture of the firm and emphasizing diversity across the organization

* Engaging third-party service providers for gender-sensitisation trainings

* Mandating appropriate work practices including reporting mechanisms that protect women in the workplace


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