Introducing Mahila Samman Prakoshth: a UP Police initiative for empowering women and children


by Sutapa Sanyal

As Director General of Police, I established UP Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth in 2014. Mahila Samman Prakoshth is India’s first “Gender-responsive Community Policing” unit, dedicated to the security and dignity of over 13 crore+ women and children in Uttar Pradesh. Here are our the key programs executed by U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth:

  • Vikalp: MSP runs VIKALP, the country’s first online portal to report crimes against women and ensure direct access of women to the criminal justice system. It ensures very high degrees of accountability, transparency  and responsiveness from the police.
  • Ru-ba-ru: is a dialogue forum between the police and the youth. It intends to sensitize the youth towards gender and cyber and legal issues, and has reached out directly to over 30,000 students in schools and colleges.
  • Nav Chetna: MSP has designed and conducted gender sensitization training for over 8000 police officers in several districts across UP in association with organizations like UNICEF and ActionAid. The program runs capacity-building modules for police to help them respond better to crimes against women and children.
  • Adhikaar: is a public information campaign run by MSP, aimed at enhancing legal literacy regarding the laws of the land and the rights of women and children.
  • Saathi “Citizen Cadets”: Community Policing initiative to harness the informal leadership among women by appointing them as citizen ambassadors working for gender equality.
  • Saarthi: Gender sensitization program for public and private transport workers, to make commuting safe for women.
  • Akshaya: Self-defence training for girls, which has trained over 12,500 students in 35 schools.
  • Jagriti: Under this, public figures endorse programs on gender-based issues. MSP has initiated an anti-sexual harassment campaign, starting with its flagship police booth at Lucknow’s  Charbagh bus  station for reporting crimes against women.
  • Shodh evam Samvaad: Program related to research, discussions and policy prescriptions on gender-related issues. Under this, a Counseling Centre is also being run through a reputed NGO to provide institutional support to women in need of psychological, legal and family counseling.

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