Studies, Research Work and Discussions Directed towards Issues concerning Women and Children The Issue Researching about relevant issues, and generating discussions and dialogues around them is a sine qua non for the growth of any organization. This thought is amply reflected in this programme. Tie-ups of MSP with research institutions, reputed NG0s, universities and individual... Continue Reading →

JAGRITI: Advocacy by Public Figures for Fighting Sexual Harassment

  by Sutapa Sanyal The Issue In various national and State surveys, nearly 90% of women have admitted to experiencing sexual harassment in public spaces in some form. It is a very pernicious problem, having far-reaching consequences and negatively impacting a woman in more ways than one. The Program The efforts of Mahila Samman Prakoshth... Continue Reading →

SAARTHI: Making Public Transport Safe for Women

  by Sutapa Sanyal   Sexual harassment during commuting is a very commonplace occurrence as revealed by various studies and researches and has an incidence as high as 90%. Such incidents affect the lives of female commuters in more ways than one can normally imagine. The Prakoshth is working with traffic police, auto drivers, city... Continue Reading →

ADHIKAAR: Awareness Campaign for Women and Child-related Laws and Rights

  The Issue Lack of legal literacy is a major handicap in the process of right-based women empowerment measures. The Solution One of the most effective methods of ensuring rights of women is to build their capacity in asking for those rights, by disseminating knowledge about the laws of the land related to them. The... Continue Reading →

AKSHAYA: Self -Defence Training for Women and Girls

by Sutapa Sanyal    As part of Mahila Samman Prakoshth's "AKSHAYA" program, the girl students of schools and colleges are learning the basics of self–defence. The program also focuses on developing the girls' confidence, a positive body language and self- image. It not only makes them aware of possible situations where Gender-based Violence can occur,... Continue Reading →

Nav Chetna: Gender Sensitization Training Module for Police

Capacity-building of Police Personnel through Gender Sensitization Workshops / Trainings  by Sutapa Sanyal NAVCHETNA: “NEW CONSCIOUSNESS” Capacity-building of Police Personnel through Gender Sensitization Workshops / Trainings "The fight is won in the training"- Eddie Alvarez The Issue and the Response With the plethora of social legislations being framed in the country for the security and... Continue Reading →

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